Beyond satisfied

Had a really fun fotoshoot! Very relaxed and feel good vibe, where the photographer had great ideas but was also very open to suggestions and ideas on my end.

Together we came to the best results. Lot's of photos to choose from and I am beyond satisfied!

- German Shepperd Breeder

Vom Haus Middelse

You want to photograph your puppies? Call DAphne!

In februari 2021, in the midst of lockdown, 6 awesome Dobermann puppies were born in my kennel Royal Nova’s. I've been following Daphnes work on Facebook for a while, so I invited her to come and photograph these little rascals. It was a grey and drizzly day and of course we had to keep our distance because of Covid, but nothing of such could break Daphnes spirit. I didn't know her personally, but I never felt anything but warmth, happiness, enthusiasm and spontaneity.

It is quite a challenge to get 6 puppies in check and we did several poses. Daphne is up for anything and at one time made it so all 6 puppies ran towards her. It was an hilarious sight!

Daphne made really beautiful pictures and especially the 'group photo' of all the pups is my absolute fave. I never thought she'd pull it off, and I don't even know how she managed to get that shot, but she did. That photo is now printed 70 inch wide on aluminium and features as our showpiece in our livingroom.

All and all it was a super fun afternoon with amazing results. So if you ever have puppies and want to photograph them, call Daphne!

- Carla, Royal Nova's Dobermannkennel

precious memories

Daphne has a special talent to capture the bond between human and animal. I am beyond pleased with the pictures taken by her and I look and cherish them as often as I can. They are such precious memories. 🍀

- Ella Wiersma

Her heart in the perfect place

Daphne is a happy egg.

With her ❤️ in the perfect place she captures everyone perfectly and sensitively.

- Esther Varwijk

overly happy and satisfied!

Daphne is very enthusiastic, energetic and studious. I am overly happy and satisfied with the pictures she has made!

- Kataya Reitsema

feels like shooting pics with my bestie

When you say Daphne, you say creativity and enthusiasm! So far I have done two fantasy shoots with Daphne and I know there's gonna be more!

To shoot with Daphne is fun and cosy. Together we look at what we both would want to do and how we see the end result, and if something's not possible due to circumstances or a none compliant horse? No worry's, Daphne has tons of fun ideas that she just seems to shake out of her sleeve somehow. Sometimes you have this image in your mind that you would love to get, but your horse just doesn't have his day? Big surprise when you get your photos and it turns out Daphne somehow managed to nail that shot that you gave up on!

Daphne is quick to contact and answer all your questions and I got my photos way sooner then I expected. Al in all it feels like shooting some pics with my bestie rather then shooting with a hired photographer. :)

- Nynke Veenstra

way beyond my expectations

The pictures Daphne made were way beyond my expectations. No I've got gem-like photos of my horse and me and I am extremely delighted with them!!!

Wow, is that us?

Daphne's talent captures us 'normal being' in such an extraordinary way and that's very beautiful. Even though I always realize that I have so much to be grateful for, I had that moment that you think: "Wow, is that us?"

- Wia Marinus

It's a party!!!

Wonderful pictures. And Daphne is such a wonderful person to do a photo shoot with. It's a party!